Deforestation: A Disaster for Indigenous lives?

13 Aug

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Deforestation and GIS

Deforestation: A disaster for indigenous lives?

Having concentrated on the physical impacts of deforestation over the past few weeks, this week I decided to focus on the human impact of deforestation.

As deforestation continues the peoples who are most affected are indigenous people. To begin with; it is important to understand the true definition of indigenous people. They are ‘tribal peoples whose social, cultural and economic conditions distinguish them from other sections of the national community’ (International Labour Organisation, 1989)

Many of these tribes are found deep within dense forests, such as the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon.  As Tejaswi (2007) describes ‘the social consequences of deforestation are many, often with devastating long-term impacts’. For Indigenous communities, deforestation means ‘the intrusion of outsiders destroying traditional life styles, customs and religious beliefs’ (Tejaswi 2007). Deforestation destroys traditional lifestyles by removing: homes, a whole way of life including native skills…

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