Domestication of Indigenous Women

13 Aug

Another Amazing Woman


The Domestication of Indigenous Women.

The domestication of indigenous women. A detournement.

With the coming of European settlement

came the devaluation of traditional knowledge and lifestyle values. The pink rubber gloves represent domestication and a transition of forced values. The dresses are also mindful domestication.  Ironically, Daisy Bates pictured above centre, was quoted to have said; ‘never to intrude my own intelligence upon’ the Aboriginals (1979). This art work is an ephemeral detournement, that suggests an attitude in time, in the early settlement years of Australia. Although the transition of traditional values is still been enforced on traditional owners, by means of education in consumer and ownership life style, which is evident in the use of the term ‘traditional owner’, where in traditional culture indigenous peoples did not see themselves as owners of the land, but seen themselves as part of the land. There is a correlation…

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