This is What we have Left Children With! Part 1 of Deforest Destruction Series

13 Aug
This is our Future

The Outcome of our Neglect

The above picture is the deforestation of Tropical Rainforest near the equator. This is what is left for the children and families who are forced to clear the land their people have called home for centuries. Why? Because we decided that this was okay…that it was the moral thing to do.
Below is a quote from the first part of the Earth Observatory From NASA on Tropical Deforestation:

Stretching out from the equator on all Earth’s land surfaces is a wide belt of forests of amazing diversity and productivity. Tropical forests include dense rainforests, where rainfall is abundant year-round; seasonally moist forests, where rainfall is abundant, but seasonal; and drier, more open woodlands. Tropical forests of all varieties are disappearing rapidly as humans clear the natural landscape to make room for farms and pastures, to harvest timber for construction and fuel, and to build roads and urban areas. Although deforestation meets some human needs, it also has profound, sometimes devastating, consequences, including social conflict, extinction of plants and animals, and climate change—challenges that aren’t just local, but global.

The article is also where I got the picture above from. The quote can say more than I could.

I will be doing a series of post from evidence they have gathered and from other website on the following:

  • What Deforesting has done, and how we can STOP IT!
  • The Outcome it will have for the next generation and Children
  • What companies are taking part?
  • Alternatives to using deforestation to create paper and other wood products.
  • How to rebuild the forest that have been damage.

Thank you so much for reading this.


Eco Child


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