I have written this blog for the children who have yet to be born, who will never see a untouched forest, who will never get to see countless species that no longer exists. This blog is for children, the new generation, and parents to show you what is happening and what will happen if we don’t do something about it.

This blog to prevent a child from asking the following question:

” Mommy? why are there no more trees?”

I am 16 but do not my age distract you from the importance of this blog. I may not be a professional or be able to become a mother but I believe that the children who are alive now, and the children to come should see the natural beauty of the forest and ocean. With the destruction we already caused I have created this blog to help preserve what we have left.




Our everyday choices will affect how our children will live and what type of world they will live in. I say “our children”  because the choices we make to pollute, destroy, and neglect this earth affects the 7 billion people who live on it, and the ones that come after we die. This blog will be dedicated to the following:

  1. Stopping the destruction and pollution of ecosystems, forests and species.( Includes Petitions, Boycotts, Protests etc.)
  2. Promoting Organizations that Protect this plant so our Children will have a safer earth to live on.
  3. A list of reason as to why protecting this earth is the best thing we can do.
  4. A list of Eco friendly ways of living for kids and parents.
  5. Environmental Facts and Updates. (and other topics),
  6. Making this earth a better place for the kids that have not yet been born.

We all need this earth to live…and if we neglect, destroy, and pollute it there will be nothing left for our children.

~Below is a Quote from My Petition to Stop the Auction and Destruction of Ecuador’s Rain Forest (which holds 1/10th of the WORLDS species):

“It is not just ourselves that we have to worry about, but the legacy of children when we die.


More Info on The Petition:

I am asking for 8 million signatures because 8 million acres will be auctions off. The Ecuador’s rain forest holds 1/10ths of the world species.  If this land is sold to Oil companies that means they have the legal right to do whatever they please with the land they own. This could lead to a number of tragic possibilities. It could lead to the extinction to the variety of species that live there, and could have an impact on our oxygen quality.

HERE IS A CONTACT/FEEDBACK FORM: Feel Free to post suggestions for Eco friendly Products, Tips or Activities


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