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How Our Children will NEVER See 1/10th of the WORLD SPECIES if we don’t DO SOMETHING

11 Aug

Our jobs as humans living in the present is not to destroy the valuable existence of nature that evolved here on earth or which was created by supreme being but to preserve it for our children in generations to come. We do not want to look back on history and tell our kids with hidden shame why three thirds of unique Rain Forest is gone along with the animal which lived. We are ashamed because we sat back and did nothing; we stayed in our homes and watched the forest be destroyed. We are ashamed because we didn’t think of how our decisions affected them. We are ashamed because we took away three thirds of a forest that produces something that they will need to survive; Oxygen.
This will not be the case if we make a stand now, if we get out of our homes and protest. Even if you don’t have time for the protest, signing this petition and spreading the word will do some good. It is not just ourselves that we have to worry about, but the legacy of children when we die.


Above is a link to a Petition I started to make the Auction and Destruction of Ecuador’s Amazon Rainforest Illegal  by Environmental international Law.


The Ecuador’s rain forest holds 1/10ths of the world species.  If this land is sold to Oil companies that means they have the legal right to do whatever they please with the land they own. This could lead to a number of tragic possibilities. It could lead to the extinction to the variety of species that live there, and could have an impact on our oxygen quality.

If we allow selling of 8 MILLION acres of this Rain Forest to be sold to the Oil companies the damage we will leave for our children to deal with would be unfair and unhealthy.

So please spread the Word and share.Image