5 seconds… Just Post to Facebook, and Twitter

16 Aug

5 seconds… Just Post to Facebook, and Twitter

It won’t take long… I just need you to link on the link and share with your friends! PLEASE and Thank you!


My first follower on Twitter

16 Aug

My first follower on Twitter

The 1:1 Movement started with a simple idea- we can all be part of the solution in making our community as safe, clean, and healthy as possible. With this idea, 1:1 has collected momentum to organize as a group from all walks of life. From nonprofit to legal, academic to farmer, we embody multiple backgrounds which has led us to a full spectrum of diverse strengths.


Awesome People!!

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Ethical Ocean: Shopping that will Make Positive Change

11 Aug

Ethical Ocean: Shopping that will Make Positive Change

“From fair trade coffee to organic designer fashions, Ethical Ocean offers products that make the world a better place all under one roof.”

This is the perfect place to buy kids toys, dog toys, animal tested free make up etc. If you are a shopaholic this the place for you. You can buy items knowing that a child wasn’t abused making it for you.